Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yummy Party Theme

A Candyland theme is perfect for any child's party!
This setting is designed by Dylan Lauren, Ralph Lauren's daughter.  She has an amazing candy store in NYC called Dylan's Candy Bar.  The sweet shop specializes in vintage and hard to find candies.

We did this theme for Sam's birthday last year.  I decorated a large white sheet cake like the Candyland board and put the same goodies from the cake in a bag for the kids to take home.  This is such a great theme because the decorations and the favors are one in the same.  We didn't have extra room because the party was at the recreation center, however if you do, fill glass bowls and jars in different shapes and sizes with colorful candy and let the kids fill their own bags.  Don't forget to put out scoops so  their grubby little hands don't touch all the candy!!!

I made this shadowbox for Sam as a reminder of the party.  I filled it with candy and his birthday party invitation!


  1. What can you tell me about the cups that are sitting on the plates? Are they yours? Where did you get them? I love those. They're so cute.

  2. The birthday cake and table setting looks wonderful. It must have been a very enjoyable party. My daughter will be 5 this weekend and we have organized a LEGO theme birthday party for her. My husband did a great job with the decorations and also booked a party hall at a popular event space. I’m working on a unique and delicious birthday cake for now.